Investor Relation

Chronology of Share Listing

In 2000

On November 10, 2000, the Company held an Initial Public Offering (IPO) of 100.000.000 (one hundred million) Common Shares in the Name, with a Nominal Value of Rp 250. – (two hundred fifty rupiah) for each share. with an Offer Price of Rp 500 – (five hundred rupiah) for every share and 50.000.000 (fifty million) Warrants Series I. Authorized Capital of Rp (two hundred and forty billion rupiahs). Paid-up capital of IDR (eighty five billion rupiahs), and listed on the Jakarta Stock Exchange.

In 2017

On February 3, 2017, the Company held an EGM in the framework of the Limited Public Offering I (PUT I) by offering as many as 40.596.000.000 (forty billion five hundred and ninety six million) Series B New Shares, with a nominal price of Rp 100 (one hundred rupiah) for each share at an offer price of Rp 101 (one hundred and one rupiah). Authorized Capital of Rp (sixteen trillion two hundred forty billion rupiahs). Paid-up Capital Rp 4.144.600.000.000 (four trillion one hundred forty four billion six hundred million rupiahs) to acquire Integrated Property Developer PT Hokindo Properti Investama with the arrival of new shareholders and the formation of new management.

In 2019

On December 6, 2018, the shareholders agreed to Increase Capital Without Pre-emptive Rights (PMT HMETD) by issuing series B shares totaling 4,144,600,000 shares at an exercise price of Rp155 per share. All shares issued in the context of capital increase without pre-emptive rights.

Results of the Implementation of Capital Increase without Pre-emptive Rights were recorded in January and July 2019.

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