Corporate Governance

Violation Reporting System

The Company will conduct a review in handling reporting and take the necessary actions. In addition, the Company will carry out remedial corrective actions that are deemed necessary to prevent the occurrence of the same violations.


The Complaint System to the Company is:

  1. Letter to PT Rimo International Lestari Tbk.
    Mayapada Tower II Building 22nd Floor
    Jl. Jend. Sudirman Kav. 27
    South Jakarta
  2. Email to


Addiction Management

The Company guarantees that all violation reports will be followed up properly. Every report of an infringement will be immediately followed up by the related party. Repeated and systemic violations will be reported to relevant officials who have the authority to make improvements.


Protection for Whistleblowers

Protection to reporters is given in the form of:

  1. The protection of the confidentiality of the reporter’s identity includes information that can be used to contact the reporter.
  2. Protection for retaliation from the reported party or other parties that have interests.

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