Corporate Governance

(Indonesia) Pedoman Kerja Direksi

Duties, Authorities and Responsibilities of BOD

  • In managing the business activities of the Company, BOD holds an important role in making decision for the Company’s interest. The President Director’s duty is to coordinate the activities conducted by each members of BOD.While the other members of the BOD has equal position with the President Directors duties in coordinating the activities for all members of BOD.
  • The BOD in managing and / or managing the Company shall act in accordance with the decisions established by the GMS. • The BOD shall convene the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders and other GMS as stipulated in legislation and the Articles of Association.
  • Each member of the BOD shall in good faith, with full responsibility and prudence in performing its duties in accordance with the prevailing laws and regulations and the Articles of Association.
  • The BOD shall be entitled to represent the Company in and out of court on all matters and in all events, and shall be entitled to bind.The Company with other parties and other parties with the Company and carrying out all acts, whether concerning the management or ownership but with the provision for certain matters as mentioned in the Articles of Association, must obtain a written prior written consent or documents pertaining to it also signed by the BOC.

The specific duties and responsibilities of each Director are as follows:

President Director

  • Carry out its obligations under applicable laws and regulations
  • Coordinate all company activities in and out with other Directors
  • Build business cooperation with reputable third parties
  • In charge of general affair, legal and administrative elds • Act as chairman of a general meeting
  • Act as a representative outside the Company.

Director of Finance

  • Provide direction on financial and personal activities.
  • Monitor, evaluate and prepare consolidated financial statements of subsidiaries.
  • Monitoring, evaluating and reporting on procurement.
  • Monitor, evaluate and report on administering company assets.


Director of Business Development

  • Provide direction on the company’s business development activities.
  • Create long-term business plans of subsidiaries.
  • Monitor, evaluate and report on subsidiary activities.
  • Monitor, evaluate and report on the implementation of subsidiary projects.

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