Corporate Governance

Code of Ethics

The public can obtain various information about the Company which can be accessed through the Company’s of cial website:

The Company always encourages compliance with the Ethics and Behavior Guidelines and is committed to implementing them, and requires all leaders of each pillar in the Company to be responsible for ensuring that the behavioral guidelines are adhered to and carried out properly in their respective ranks.

The contents of the code of ethics guidelines govern the ethics of behavior:

  • Work ethics for the Board of Commissioners, Directors and Employees;
  • Ethics as leader;
  • Leadership ethics in communicating;
  • Subordinate ethics in communicating;
  • Maintain the confidentiality of company data and information;
  • Ethics in conveying information to employees;
  • Ethics to safeguard company assets;
  • Ethics of email usage;
  • Ethics in budget planning and use;
  • Conflict of interest and misuse of office;
  • Political Activities;
  • Activities of mass organizations / other non-governmental organizations.

Disclosure that the code of ethics applies to all levels of the organization contained in Chapter III (Closing) the Code of Ethics Guidelines stating that each Management and Employee of the Rimo Group receives a copy of the Code of Ethics as a rule on how the Company and Employees behave in conducting the Company’s business.

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