Corporate Governance

Board of Commisioners Charter

Duties and Responsibilities of BOC

  • To supervise the internal management system and policy.
  • To develop GCG practice and to ensure its implementation is well for every level in the Company and also to make any adjustment if necessary.
  • To conduct supervisory for managing the Company by the Board of Directors and to ensure that the Board of Directors has considered the interest of the Shareholders.
  • To establish Audit Committee and other committees if necessary and also to conduct evaluation for such Committees performance at the end of the year.
  • To conduct Annual GMS and other GMS in accordance with its authorities as referred to in the regulations and articles of associations.

The Board of Commissioners Charter

As the organ that oversees and advises the Board of Directors, the Board refers to Employment Guidelines for the Board of Commissioners and Board of Directors (Board Charter). Board Charter provides instructions on how to practice and the Board of Commissioners and Board of Directors as well as the passess of activities in a structured, systematic, easy to understand and can be run consistently, it can be a reference for the BOC and BOD in carrying ot their respective duties to achieve the Company’s Vision and Mission.

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