Announcement of the Implementation of Capital Additions without Pre-emptive Rights Stage PT RIMO INTERNATIONAL LESTARI TBK


Due to the acceptance and approval of the plan of PT Rimo International Lestari Tbk (the “Company“) to carry out Capital Additions without Giving Pre-emptive Rights (“PMTHMETD“) through the Extraordinary General Meeting of Shareholders held on Thursday 6 December 2018, and referring to the Financial Services Authority Regulation Number 38 / POJK.04 / 2014 concerning Capital Increase of Public Companies Without Giving Pre-emptive Rights, with the Company announcing the implementation of phase I PME-HAMEED as following:


Number of shares to be issued : 650,000,000 Series B shares
Share nominal value : IDR 100 / share
Implementation price : IDR 155 / share
Number of shares before. PMT-HMETD : 40,936,000,000 shares
Number of shares after Phase I PMT-HMETD : 41,586,000,000 shares
Date of the first phase of the Rights Issue : December 28, 2018
Version of the note in the Indonesia Stock Exchange : December 28, 2018
The recipient of the PMT-HMETD stage : Mr. Beni Tjokrosaputro


Phase I PMT-HMETD is carried out by issuing 850,000,000 (six hundred fifty million) Series B shares with a noun value! IDR 100 (one hundred rupiah) and the implementation price of IDR 155 (one hundred and fifty-five rupiahs) as part of the total shares to be issued from the Company’s portfolio in the context of 4,144,600,000 PMT (four billion one hundred and forty four million six hundred thousand) Series B shares or 10% (ten percent) of the total issued and paid up capital.

The party that will take part in the implementation of Phase I PMT-HMETD is Mr. Benny Tjokrosaputro.

Thus we submit this announcement.

Jakarta, December 14, 2018
Directors of PT Rimo International Lestari Tbk

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