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Internal Audit

Currently the Head of Internal Audit is Roy Linanda who was appointed based on SK of the President Director No No 05/SK-DIR/ IV/2015 tertanggal 07 April 2015 until now.

He Graduate as a Bachelor of Economic from Kwik Kian Gie School of Business in 2006, and Masters in Accounting in 2008. Chartered Accountant(CA) was obtained in 2014 from Institute of Indonesia Chartered Accountants. His carer begin as Junior auditor in 2007. Senior Auditor in Johannes dan Rekan Public Accounting Firm, Jakarta (2009-2010). Senior Internal Auditor at Sungai Budi Group (2011-2012). Finance Manager Assistant and Cost Controller at PT Pancious Tirta Jaya (2012-2013). And serve as member of audit comitee at PT Bumi Teknokultura Unggul TBK (2013-2014).


Objectives of Internal Audit

Internal Audit is an activity of giving confidence and consulting that is independent and objective to provide added value and improve company operations.

The Internal Audit Unit is a work unit, department, the division whose activities provide independent and objective assurance and consultation services, made to give added value and improve the company’s operations.

Internal Audit activities help companies achieve their goals through a systematic and regular approach to evaluating and improving the effectiveness of risk management, internal control and good corporate governance (Good Corporate Govermance)


Internal Audit Structure

  • Internal Audit is the Company’s internal supervision unit which is located under the President Director
  • Internal Audit is appointed and dismissed by the President Director with the approval of the Board of Commissioners
  • Internal Audit is administratively responsible and reports to the President Director and functionally responsible and reports to the Board of Commissioners.


Internal Audit Duties and Responsibilities

  • Develop and implement an Internal Audit plan
  • Test and evaluate the implementation of internal controls and risk management systems in accordance with Company policies
  • Conducting checks and evaluations of efficiency and effectiveness in the financial sector, accounting, operational, human resources, marketing, information technology and other activities
  • Make audit report and submit the report to the President Director and Board of Commissioners
  • Monitor, Analyze and report on the implementation of suggested improvements
  • Cooperating with the Audit Committee
  • Develop a program to evaluate the quality of internal audit activities that it does and;
  • Conduct special checks if needed.


Authority of the Internal Audit Unit

  • Access all relevant information about the company related to its duties and functions
  • Communicate directly with the Directors, Board of Commissioners, and / or the Audit Committee and members of the Board of Directors, Board of Commissioners, and / or Audit Committee
  • Coordinating its activities with the activities of external auditors.


Internal Audit Requirements

  • Having professional integrity and behavior, independent, honest and objective in carrying out their duties
  • Has technical audit knowledge and experience and other scientific disciplines relevant to their field of work
  • Having knowledge of laws and regulations in the Capital Market sector and related laws and regulations
  • Have the ability to interact and communicate both verbally and in writing effectively
  • Must comply with professional standards issued by the Internal Audit Association
  • Must comply with the Internal Audit Code of Ethics
  • Must maintain the confidentiality of company information and / or data related to the implementation of the duties and responsibilities of Internal Audit unless required by statutory regulations or court decisions / decisions
  • Understand the principles of good corporate governance and risk management
  • Willing to increase knowledge, expertise and professionalism skills continuously

Internal Audit Charter

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